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4 Simple Tips on How To Raise Body Confident Kids

Children have never had so much opportunity as they do today, but they have also never had to face so much pressure. There are so many external influences it's important that we have the knowledge and resources to create a foundation for our kids. With this information we can create a safe and comfortable environment for our children as they are introduced to the world of social media, and further along, the first chapter of adulthood. We invited Jess Sanders, social worker and author Love Your Body and Be Your Own Man to share 4 practical tips how to raise body confident kids.  1. Switch up appearance based compliments for ability and personality based compliments. Without thinking, we will often...

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One Surprising Benefit to Storing School Memorabilia

We all have those places in our house where we store our kid's artwork, school projects, certificates, awards, and school photos. For some it's the kitchen bench, for others, it's a corner of the home office or laundry. If you are anything like me, the pile is a vast wasteland waiting for that magical day where inspiration hits and I organise it into neat piles of school memories. The thing is, while you get a huge endorphin rush when you tidy that sucker up there is a more important reason to sort through memories and store them in a way that is easy for your kids to reference. A few years ago I stumbled across a piece of research that...

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