About Us

We are so excited for you to join the My School Memories family!

Not so long ago, but a long time after I finished school I asked mum where my school photos were kept. Mum sheepishly admitted that she had no idea BUT proudly presented a bag filled with my brother’s school journey. This is the result of schooling in three different countries whilst my brother’s items had a ‘home’.


Around the same time, I went looking for my son’s recent photos taken at childcare. It turns out I had placed them somewhere really safe. After a few sleepless nights and some laughs from my brother, I knew we there was a better way. My brother having three kids also admitted that it would be nice to be able to reclaim his fridge. We both admitted that we would like to store our children’s piles of artwork, certificates, sporting ribbons, awards and school photos in a way that was easy to access and that created a keepsake record of my child's school years to one day gift to them.

The only solutions out there consisted of having plastic boxes piled in the spare room and any book that came close were either tailored to a single Australian state, the US school system or were poorly made and would not be able to withstand 12+years of school. The only thing left to do was to create a storage system of my own and with that My School Memories was created.

And like any baby, a village is needed, here is ours.

My husband, Anton -  the ecommerce chief with experience running several national online businesses. 

The infamous brother, Danny – our logistical master ensuring are albums are safely stored and dispatched with tlc

Sister in law, Steph – product compliance extraordinaire verifying that all of our products meet our standards and the needs of a busy mum and family. Also a midwife and a Mama of three.

And me. Nic, an accountant by trade, community manager in the online world and a Mama of two.

Between us we have five kids under the age of six, with two starting their first year of school.


Together we want to help families like ours keep organised (and ensure no one ’misplaces’ any more school photos). And in doing so, we want to support local which is why our albums have been designed AND made in Australia – along with all materials it takes to get them from us, to you.

Our passion project has helped hundreds of Australian families take the time to record and store their school memories in a keepsake album.

From our family to yours, we hope that you love your My School Memories album as much as we do xx

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.