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Me Time - The Self Care Guide to Being Your Own Best Friend

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 The Self Care Guide to Being Your Own Best Friend. 

At My School Memories we are doing all we can to prepare our children for their school journey and to also help navigate the big scary world. BUT we also know how important it is to continue to fill your own cup so that we can keep on pouring. When we came across Jess Sander’s book range, we knew we HAD to share it - including the book that was written specifically for you - the mum, parent, carer, teacher.  As a special introductory offer we have a limited number of signed copies ready to send out to you!

Following the success of Jessica Sanders' debut picture book Love Your Body, Me Time delves further into the world of self care and self acceptance, for women of all ages.

Self care is so much more than bubble baths and face masks. Me Time reframes self care, from acts of indulgence to a holistic practice of self love that nurtures both mind and body.

Filled with timed self care ideas that range from one minute activities to day long adventures, this book shows you how to make time for self care. Remind yourself that you are worthy of your own care with Me Time. 

This book is a beautiful hardcover that will remain an integral reference point on your bookshelf. 

Jessica Sanders is an australian bestselling, award-winning, author of Love Your Body. Along with being an author and social worker; Jess also considers herself as more of a ‘social impact entrepreneur’. Jess has a passion for creating resources that nurture positive mental health and promote gender equality which has been the basis of all her books.