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Be Your Own Man Children's Book

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Author: Jessica Sanders

At My School Memories we are doing all we can to prepare our children for their school journey and to also help navigate the big scary world. When we came across Jess Sander’s book range, we knew we HAD to share it. As a special introductory offer we have a limited number of signed copies ready to send out to you!

Have you ever felt you should act a certain way or do certain things just because you're a boy?

Be Your Own Man encourages boys and men to embrace their vulnerability and put their hand up for help. Every boy deserves to feel free to express their emotions and be completely themselves without apology. 

What this book does.

  • The concept of self-love is introduced and boys are shown through a diverse representation of bodies, ethnicities and abilities that all bodies are good bodies.

  • Seeks to dissolve the toxic parts of the traditional masculine identity to make way for a new generation of boys who feel free to be who they truly are.

  • Normalises 'softer' behaviours — such as sensitivity, creativity, asking for help and caring for others as valuable and essential human traits.

  • Portrays a diverse cast of unique but relatable characters, each depicting a wide range of cultural backgrounds, abilities, and behaviour

This book is a beautiful hardcover that will remain on the bookshelf for many years to come. Praise for this book has been noted by Steve Biddulph, AM (author of Raising Boys in the 21st Century), Ben Brown (AFL Footballer) and Hester Brown (Our Watch Ambassador).

Jessica Sanders is an australian bestselling, award-winning, author of Love Your Body. Along with being an author and social worker; Jess also considers herself as more of a ‘social impact entrepreneur’. Jess has a passion for creating resources that nurture positive mental health and promote gender equality which has been the basis of all her books. 

*This book has been written for boys, those who identify as a boy, and to be understood by a range of readers. Children younger than the recommended reading age of 8+ should be able to navigate the book with the support of a parent and/or teacher.